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NLX-citing News! NLX is Making a New Album!

July 2012

NLX is making a New Album!

This is the follow up to my last offering... BITCH GET FIT!

It has been almost 4 years of touring, making videos, and writing new songs for this next album.  I cannot wait to share these new songs with you!

I adore the process of making music, recording and creating little pieces of NLX to share with you!  This time the pre-order will include some amazing items such as ‘NLX-handmade’ piano wire bracelets, 7" vinyl, limited edition screenprinted posters and copious amounts of music!

If you are looking to FIND LOVE... it is all here in the new NLX album!

We begin the official recording of the album in mid July at the amazing Waterfront Studio.  Waterfront Studio is an 1869 converted church in upstate New York.  We will be tracking on a vintage Helios console to tape.  This is a rare opportunity and I am chomping at the bit to begin.

Check it out at the NLX New Album campaign at Rockethub »

Thank you for supporting NLX and this campaign!

I appreciate your time in watching the video, listening to the music throughout the years and coming to shows!

Please share this video with your friends and family. Spread the word...
NLX is making a NEW ALBUM!

THE NLX NEW ALBUM campaign will close on Sunday July 29th...
We’ve got a month to make this happen!  GO TEAM!

Big Love

ABC Hit Show ‘Brothers & Sisters’ Features ‘Find Love’ by NLX!

October 2010

The NLX family tree is growing and apparently some new Brothers & Sisters have blossomed. They include the likes of Sally Field, Calista Flockhart, Rachel Griffiths and Ron Rifkin, to name just a few...

Sunday, October 17th saw the ABC hit show ‘Brothers & Sisters’ feature FIND LOVE by NLX!!!

To watch the episode ‘A Righteous Kiss’ online -
Also, check out the ABC music lounge where NLX is featured -
For more info on the show, please go to -

On iTunes Now! Find Love - as heard on ABC’s 
							‘Brothers & Sisters

FIND LOVE is also available on iTunes -
Oh, and just a reminder - here is the new video for “Young Love” -